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Offers a low-virtualized, high-availability gaming cluster

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Solution Architecture Deployment

Architecture Description

The Crown Star Cloud game cloud service covers the whole development cycle of the project from the construction of infrastructure to the launch of the game to the later fine operation. Crown Star Cloud has strong Liaoning double line advanced anti DDoS nodes in the industry, domestic high-quality BGP multi line network resources, high-speed and stable cloud server, cloud database and professional security services to provide users with intimate and comprehensive game cloud solutions and build the cornerstone of stable game operation.

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Advantages of Gaming Cloud

  • Intelligent Distribution Upgrade

    The combination of open storage services and content distribution network services enables high-speed, low-cost distribution and acceleration of game upgrade packages and clients.

  • Keep Lagging Experience Away

    Gaming cloud dedicated server cluster, high IO read and write performance. Guaranteed to maintain a stable IOPS under high concurrency, effectively avoiding the lagging cases, improving the player experience and retention rate.

  • Massive Game Log Storage

    Enable the simple log service to store and query the game log, and integrate the log data into the ODPS through DPC to realize massive log data analysis. Providing solid data support for gaming cloud users.

  • No Longer Waiting

    The Crown Star Cloud server is equipped with 10 Gigabit independent BGP multi line broadband and high-quality advanced anti DDoS dual lines, which can effectively solve the problem of North-South interoperability of players, and realize cross regional unified management. 300g hard defense, easy to deal with DDoS attacks and ensure the stable game experience of players.

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