Bare Metal

Crown Star Cloud The elastic Bare Metal is an on-demand, pay-per-use physical server rental service that provides for core databases, critical application systems, and high-performance computing services with dedicated cloud high-performance, securely isolated physical cluster. Minute-level delivery cycles help your business gain real-time business responsiveness and help your core business grow at a rapid pace.

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  • Computer room quality
    Crown Star Cloud Data center construction are based on T3+ IDC computer room evaluation standards
  • Pure SSD Structure
    With high-speed Sas3 SSD, random read and write up to 50000 IOPS, throughput up to 800Mb / s
  • Highly equipped hardware
    Crown Star Cloud The server uses advanced system hardware configuration information to ensure user information and visiting
  • After-sale service
    Real-time monitoring and alarm system, monitoring center and maintenance personnel work on 7*24 hours, full-service professional escort
  • One-click operation
    Crown Star Cloud The server uses one-click automation, one-click restart, reinstall, etc., and responds promptly
  • Resource Monitoring
    Integrated monitoring real-time detection of operating status, timely feedback of relevant information, to avoid omissions, safe and worry-free


  • Computing performance
    The same high computing performance as an ordinary physical computer, gives you the best experience of computing performance
  • Physical isolation
    Equipped with physical machine level isolation, providing more safe, reliable and stable computing resources
  • Minute delivery
    Minute-level delivery capability, flexible, stable and quick response to business demands
  • Cloud product compatible
    Full line compatible Crown Star CloudAll cloud products, provide you with more comprehensive cloud solutions

Product Advantages

  • Function category
    Automated Operation
  • Function
    Minute delivery

    No CPU performance loss
    No CPU feature loss

    No CPU feature loss

    No memory resources to compete

    Fully compatible with cloud disk system

    Cloud Disk Startup / System Disk Quick Reset

    Reuse VM mirroring system

    Quick system installation

    Free local RAID, providing higher cloud disk data protection

    Fully compatible with VPC networks

    Fully compatible with classic networks

    No VPC bottlenecks between physical machine clusters and virtual machine clusters

    User experience such as VNC and virtual machines maintain consistent out-of-band network security monitoring
  • Crown Star CloudBare Metal
  • Physical Hosting
  • Web Hosting

Context of Use

core database

Cluster deployment

Large capacity

High reliability

Meet the performance and security requirements of the core database, Crown Star CloudProvides a variety of servers to support automated mounting of shared cloud drives
High-Performance Computing

Low latency

High performance

Easy to expand

For scene features of high computation, high throughput, support for the latest Intel CPU computing examples, combined with 100G IB network, bring low latency performance experience
Big data

Dedicated instance

High performance

Easy of use

Meet the requirements for data large capacity and fast switching , provide 128G memory and 32T local disk large-capacity computing examples, combine with cloud drive to achieve elastic expansion

High performance

Low latency

Large capacity

IT infrastructure is developing in the direction of resource sharing, solving the performance bottleneck problem during peak business hours in a shared resource environment, and improving the flexibility of enterprise or organization IT infrastructure business support